Aloha Friday

Lowercase was the first skate video from Hawaii that I seen. When my friend Derek brought a copy back to Maui, my world changed.  I didn't know that level of skating had existed in Hawaii and the craftsmanship of the video itself was nothing short of amazing. And I'm not being bias. Here are 2 things I look for that 14 year old me at the time didn't even know I was looking at, but clearly paid attention to when I watched any skate video. Number 1, music/soundtrack. If you music sucks, your video sucks. Everything else is number 2 to the soundtrack because the music sets the tone and vibe of a good video.  Here's an anti-case and point, Vans Propeller. Watch Rowans part, the only thing protecting you from an ear-beating is his skating. So unless you or whoever you film skates like Rowan, second-guess your music selection when editing your part for the next Hi-Sk8 Film Fest!