After getting Lolo, Conor and I thought it'd be fun to try to film a video with the vx1000 again.  We dusted off our old friends and decided to take parts from our 2 dead cameras to make 1 working one.  We got it back with a couple of problems that ended with us retiring that one for a newer one.  With spirits high, we use our newer one for a little before that one was shelved too.  The entire time, I was using my GH2 as a backup, but after sidelining the 2nd vx, APB blessed us by getting a HVX and GH4, which is what we shot the remainder of the video on.  This is one of the reasons behind the name "Poi Dog".  Poi dog is a local reference to a mixed bred dog.  This video is a mix of personalities and styles, shot with a mix of recording devices, set to a mix inspired by Ras KazThis is our bastard mutt.