Nate Nahina: The Most Hawaiian Kickflip Ever

Nate literally took skateboarding back to its roots with this one. I say that because Hawaiians are responsible for skateboarding existing in the first place. Think about it, if Captain Cook's rediscovery of Hawai'i never happened, Haoles might not have had the chance to export surfing from Hawai'i.  Hawaiians were unquestionably the pioneers of surfing, while Haoles took the Japanese approach (to take an existing idea and re-engineer it to be better) by taking surfing out of the water and putting it onto asphalt and concrete. Now people are surfing everywhere via skateboards. And then like a Muslim to Mecca, skateboarding eventually made its way back to Hawai'i. Now in 2016, skateboarding has officially come around full circle thanks to these two Hawaiians.