Archives - Courthouse pt 2

This might be the finale for courthouse.  Starts with Squatch from Fast Kine, then Kaloe's only vx trick I have, we got a lot of digicam stuff tho, and then Ryan's footage throughout the years.  Ryan's the only person to skate the sculpture and ledge in a line so that's pretty cool. There's also some clips that was in a now missing edit we did for the short lived super brand skate team. Good times

Archives - Courthouse Pt 1

I thought I lost all this footage to a crashed hard drive that I neglected to  back up. ALWAYS back up your data. Anyways, the gods must have wanted you to see this because the last time I went back home to Maui, there was a folder full of old footage on my grandmas computer, the same one I used to edit part of fast kine on. So I took a bunch of that and am gonna do my best to release little uncut behind the scenes episodes of Maui's finest until I run out.

Check Um

Some relatively new videos that I think you should watch. First one is from Sydney for UPS Skate Shop. Kaloe sprinkled some gold in the team montage and the new dude kills it. Shitty Kids just released their latest trailer, which some of that looks kinda familiar 🤔, but as long as Sean's at the helm, it shouldn't be nothing short of entertaining. And Brock, well Brock is fucking good. We need more Instagram compilations because I can't keep up anymore and would like to view the old fashioned way, stoned in front of my TV.


After getting Lolo, Conor and I thought it'd be fun to try to film a video with the vx1000 again.  We dusted off our old friends and decided to take parts from our 2 dead cameras to make 1 working one.  We got it back with a couple of problems that ended with us retiring that one for a newer one.  With spirits high, we use our newer one for a little before that one was shelved too.  The entire time, I was using my GH2 as a backup, but after sidelining the 2nd vx, APB blessed us by getting a HVX and GH4, which is what we shot the remainder of the video on.  This is one of the reasons behind the name "Poi Dog".  Poi dog is a local reference to a mixed bred dog.  This video is a mix of personalities and styles, shot with a mix of recording devices, set to a mix inspired by Ras KazThis is our bastard mutt.