Tree Pointer

The best Christmas present came early for us this year, our latest collaboration with APB Skate Shop and TreeVisions is LIVE on Thrasher!  Didn't ever think we'd get a video uploaded to their site or their instagram so I'm super stoked we got the opportunity to show off guys running um HAAD in Hawaii and holding it down for APB. Glad that we could introduce Michael and Kelly to the fam in a big way because these two bring da 🔥🔥🔥 and keep me itching to skate. Cheers boyz 🍻 

Check Um

Some relatively new videos that I think you should watch. First one is from Sydney for UPS Skate Shop. Kaloe sprinkled some gold in the team montage and the new dude kills it. Shitty Kids just released their latest trailer, which some of that looks kinda familiar 🤔, but as long as Sean's at the helm, it shouldn't be nothing short of entertaining. And Brock, well Brock is fucking good. We need more Instagram compilations because I can't keep up anymore and would like to view the old fashioned way, stoned in front of my TV.

Kaikea // HUF Soto Wear Test

Back in October, HUF picked 18 skate shops from across the country to wear test an unreleased shoe. The objective was to have one rider film a part in the one pair of shoes over the month of November. APB was one of the chosen shops, so Kaikea, being flowed by HUF, was given the task. Despite dealing with consistent rain, his car breaking down, and major stomach problems, Kaikea was a champ and managed to log 4:00 of raw footage.

Larry's 46th Birthday Challenge

In words, this challenge sounds daunting. I don't think I've done more than 20 tricks on this thing. 46 at 46 (technically 45 at the time) sounded insane! But after watching this, you already know he has more tricks in his bag. Larry proves age is just a state of mind and that skateboarding is in fact a fountain of youth. Truly inspiring Larry!

filmed/edit by Conor McGivern