Hi-Sk8 Films 2015

Some of the videos from this years Hi-Sk8 Films Showcase at the Doris Duke Theater are now available to the world (No, Poi Dog isn't one of them.) These are the only ones I've come across so far and coincidentally my 3 favorite films of the night are already up. I was about to do a more elaborate review on them but then I thought, no one reads this nor should you care what I think. I mean I've only been skateboarding for the past 15 years, and filming it for the last 10, but that doesn't really matter because these videos speak for themselves. Each of them portrays a different aspect of skateboarding that I've come to love and appreciate throughout my years as an addict. So grab your favorite green bottle and indulge in some good old fashion Hawaii skateboarding. 

Teenage rebellion, incriminating activities... like jail time illegal, slappies, raw streets, HI-jinx

Good vibes, smooth jams, the best host and DJ fo'reals, Sporty 40's in full effect, new Hartsel footage!

Personally my favorite video, if you're not down with the Shitty Kids, we have no business with you.

Nutz fakaz bombing Tantalus.

Old guy cruising Kaimuki Hills