After getting Lolo, Conor and I thought it'd be fun to try to film a video with the vx1000 again.  We dusted off our old friends and decided to take parts from our 2 dead cameras to make 1 working one.  We got it back with a couple of problems that ended with us retiring that one for a newer one.  With spirits high, we use our newer one for a little before that one was shelved too.  The entire time, I was using my GH2 as a backup, but after sidelining the 2nd vx, APB blessed us by getting a HVX and GH4, which is what we shot the remainder of the video on.  This is one of the reasons behind the name "Poi Dog".  Poi dog is a local reference to a mixed bred dog.  This video is a mix of personalities and styles, shot with a mix of recording devices, set to a mix inspired by Ras KazThis is our bastard mutt.

Kaikea // HUF Soto Wear Test

Back in October, HUF picked 18 skate shops from across the country to wear test an unreleased shoe. The objective was to have one rider film a part in the one pair of shoes over the month of November. APB was one of the chosen shops, so Kaikea, being flowed by HUF, was given the task. Despite dealing with consistent rain, his car breaking down, and major stomach problems, Kaikea was a champ and managed to log 4:00 of raw footage.


Lolo in Pidgin Hawaiian describes a crazy, outlandish, attention seeking stupid person. It's also our first collaboration with TreeVisions and APB, which was originally released last year in 2014. This wasn't just the first collaborative video with another filmmaker, but it was also my first time editing under the influence of adderall.  Now I'm being as completely serious when I say that I DO NOT suggest anyone to do adderall, UNLESS under the supervision of a zero bullshit critic because they won't be afraid to tell you your work sucks and that it looks like you threw everything up onto the timeline.  Adderall is a low grade amphetamine (meths baby cousin) and is suppose to help people with ADD and ADHD by helping them settle and focus. It did just that for me I wasn't surprised that it worked, really well. I stayed awake for close to 2 days, which wasn't shocking, but what caught me off guard was the almost disappearance of my critical judgment. If I were getting busy work done like entering data onto a spreadsheet, this drug would be marvelous, but trying to be creative was a bit difficult because the inner critic was overpowered by someone trying to take care of business. Also, the next day after editing wasn't filled with the satisfaction of completing this video or any feeling relief, it was filled with anxiety, fear, and depression. The down was real deep and for me, it's not worth the down in my opinion. In the end, I'm glad I shared the experience with friends and now see how adderall can actually be beneficial in certain situations, not so much creative endeavors. As a disclaimer for myself, my experience is based on one 25 mg dose and I haven't tried it since. I'm not opposed to experimenting with smaller doses, but I haven't found a reason too, probably because I see it as a crutch and you don't need to be a Lolo.

Aloha Friday

Lowercase was the first skate video from Hawaii that I seen. When my friend Derek brought a copy back to Maui, my world changed.  I didn't know that level of skating had existed in Hawaii and the craftsmanship of the video itself was nothing short of amazing. And I'm not being bias. Here are 2 things I look for that 14 year old me at the time didn't even know I was looking at, but clearly paid attention to when I watched any skate video. Number 1, music/soundtrack. If you music sucks, your video sucks. Everything else is number 2 to the soundtrack because the music sets the tone and vibe of a good video.  Here's an anti-case and point, Vans Propeller. Watch Rowans part, the only thing protecting you from an ear-beating is his skating. So unless you or whoever you film skates like Rowan, second-guess your music selection when editing your part for the next Hi-Sk8 Film Fest!