Plate Lunch Mini Bowl Special

Somehow, I've managed to skate three different backyard d.i.y. builds within the first week of 2017, which is three more than I did last year. Then I proceeded to catch a cold, which is one more cold that I caught than last year.  2017 is looking pretty bright.  BEEG MAHALO to Gregg and Cory at Plate Lunch for letting us cruz your little paradise!  It was super fun and challenging to figure out and can't wait to skate it again. The sunsets are probably soul melting.

Archives - Courthouse pt 2

This might be the finale for courthouse.  Starts with Squatch from Fast Kine, then Kaloe's only vx trick I have, we got a lot of digicam stuff tho, and then Ryan's footage throughout the years.  Ryan's the only person to skate the sculpture and ledge in a line so that's pretty cool. There's also some clips that was in a now missing edit we did for the short lived super brand skate team. Good times

Ryan Spencer, Professional Skateboarder

Yesterday, Ryan's long time board sponsor Foundation Skateboards finally gave him the nod of approval and bumped him up to the professional ranks.  He was always pro in our hearts, but this was a long time coming and we couldn't be more stoked for him!  Best of all, Tum Yeto couldn't surprise him in Hawai'i, so they did the next best thing and surprised him in an L&L!

Ryan's part in the Dekline Video 'True Blue' drops next month... stay tuned.