Our latest video, which premiered at this years Hi Sk8 Films Showcase at the Honolulu Museum a couple weeks ago is now live for you. It features a bunch of Hawaii Grown braddahs from Oahu and Maui who are now residing on the mainland. Big ups to everyone in the video but especially to Shota Kubo and Sam Fitzsimmons for going HAAD. This video wouldn't have happened if Shota wasn't around to drive us in his green beast and if Sam didn't take a month off to live and film on Oahu. They deserve most of the credit for the creation of the video.

Huge Mahalo to APB Skate Shop for being the best, Conor McGivern/Treevisions for the motivation and inspiration, Travis Hancock for the tunes and being, Shitty Kids for holding down Hawaii with the best videos, Rolling Death Maui for the constant laughs, DLXHI for hooking up da boyz, Myles and Tucker for letting me use your footage, and Private Joy for being the hottest new brand to hit the market. 

Plate Lunch Mini Bowl Special

Somehow, I've managed to skate three different backyard d.i.y. builds within the first week of 2017, which is three more than I did last year. Then I proceeded to catch a cold, which is one more cold that I caught than last year.  2017 is looking pretty bright.  BEEG MAHALO to Gregg and Cory at Plate Lunch for letting us cruz your little paradise!  It was super fun and challenging to figure out and can't wait to skate it again. The sunsets are probably soul melting.

Tree Pointer

The best Christmas present came early for us this year, our latest collaboration with APB Skate Shop and TreeVisions is LIVE on Thrasher!  Didn't ever think we'd get a video uploaded to their site or their instagram so I'm super stoked we got the opportunity to show off guys running um HAAD in Hawaii and holding it down for APB. Glad that we could introduce Michael and Kelly to the fam in a big way because these two bring da 🔥🔥🔥 and keep me itching to skate. Cheers boyz 🍻